Discussion Questions On Lgbt And Lgbt Community

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Discussion Questions 1. What did you know about historical events related to LGBT civil rights before completing this activity? How did you learn this information? Before doing this activity, I knew very little about the historical events related to LGBT and its civil rights. I do not follow any of the civil rights or the history pertaining to LGBT. Some of the ways I learned about this information is by doing the activity / assignment, reading articles and watching videos/ documentaries about LGBT. This is how I learned about LGBT. 2. What resources are available that you believe help educate others about the LGBT community? How might a lack of such resources be an issue? What I believe to be the resources available to me in educating people when it comes to the LGBT community would be: The internet / websites to organizations such as, “advocates for Youth” (AFY), “Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration” (SAMHSA), CDC’s website on Technology and Youth Violence, the “American Psychological Association” (APA), laws requiring children of homosexual parents and their rights, many who function as parents by having no legal relationship whatsoever, whether the children are adopted or by birth and knowing the legal benefits to same-sex marriages, Ways to where a lack of resources of LGBT to be an issue would be: LGBT youth experience homelessness, 50 % of gay teens encounter a negative reaction from their parents, Gay, bisexual and transgender males of color lack in any support whatsoever, the fear of LGBT individuals to their self-identity, current laws and social service guidelines tend to not allow for someone who is LGBT to have effective prevention and intervention to help educate them. Also, t... ... middle of paper ... ...llennials, who are adults ages 18 to 34, born since 1980. In addition, Generation Xers, who are adults ages 35 to 50, have also increased their support 45% for wanting same-sex marriage over the past decade. How these changes will likely affect discrimination in other aspects of LBGT’s lives are: The majority of non-whites and Hispanics will be supportive of same-sex marriage, while other nationality groups will be opposed or against it. I see religion as a major contributing factor in attitudes toward same-sex marriage. Civil rights and feminist movements have also been a contributor to the rapid acceptance of marriage equality in the U.S. Freedom of choice in marriage as a basic right, has increasingly grown and has changed public opinion. These are some of the reasons why these changes will affect discrimination in LGBT’s lives for generations to come.
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