Discussing the Relevance of the Bible for Christians Today

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Discussing the Relevance of the Bible for Christians Today

All world religions have sacred scriptures. They all teach that the

world and universe were created, and that the universe has a purpose.

Humans also have a purpose, which is explained in the Bible. Modern

historians, archaeologists and scientists have stated that texts of

the Bible are historical documents. Many of the writers of the Bible

have influenced the world and its teachings have been taught all

around the world.

There are many modern problems in the world today. The writers of the

Bible who were inspired by God (as many Christians believe) knew

nothing about nuclear weapons, surrogate mothers, or test tube babies.

Very generally, Christians would say that the essential teachings of

the Bible are relevant to people today, whether it be a strong

Fundamentalist view, or a more realistic liberal view, as many

Christians combine a conservative view with the liberal ones. Human

nature does not change and the teachings in the Bible are eternal.

Non-Christians could argue that mankind's attitudes and society has

changed, our technological capacity has increased, and so they regard

the Bible as unimportant and irrelevant today. This is because the

Bible was written in a very different agricultural society. The

development in the field of science has altered the opinions of

others. Scientists have tried to explain events that took place in

biblical times. They have devised their own theories to explain

miraculous events in an attempt to play down many of the spectacular

situations that occurred.

One of the Ten Commandments teaches Christians not to kill: ‘you shall

not murder (exodus 20:13)’, this particular teaching still applies

today and so is a part of the Bible that is very relevant for

Christians living nowadays. The Bible has to be relevant because it is

the foundation of the faith. In the beginning God created heavens and

earth (Genesis 1:1). This is the very foundation of the faith, and all

Christians need to know where the roots of Christianity lie, and where
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