Discuss the Impact of Overseas Outsourcing

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In researching this subject it seems that outsourcing work overseas has a positive and negative effect on the US economy for a few different reasons. The most important I feel is taking the jobs away from the people in the United States. As we all know, especially at this time, jobs are not easy to find. There are some people that are under qualified for jobs available in the US that these jobs we are outsourcing could be done by these under qualified individuals. Companies’ main reason for this is to cut costs and save money. The conditions of the manufacturers in these foreign countries are known to not be the very best either. Sweatshops and having young children work for little money is how some of these manufacturers are able to keep the costs low, unfortunately. We’ve all purchased things made in China. They provide a huge amount of items sold in the US. Thus, a huge amount of revenue is taken out of the US to these foreign countries. Maybe the US and China have some sort of agreement due to the US borrowing so much money from them we are required to have a certain pe...
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