Discuss the Appeal of Horror Movies

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The horror industry has been virtually dominating Asian cinema over the past few years, overshadowing any other genre in consistency of production and consequent box-office reaping. Countries like Japan, South Korea and Thailand have tapped on this market, fuelling their local film industries and clearly profiting from the appeal that horror movies have over audiences globally. Yet, even as we look beyond the economic profitability of this genre, we will discover far more reasons why this genre of films has remained thrillingly popular. From secret witch covens to the Hungarian fan club of the immortal Nosferatu, throngs of people infest cinemas for their share of head wrenching, gut spilling and certainly eye popping experiences. These true aficionados of the horror genre separate themselves from typical horror philistines (mainly teenagers out for a quick thrill ride). They are the intelligentsia that truly know what make horror movies tick. Let us put aside the cheap shocks and predictable sudden lunge of Kruger's knife-like fingers. The horror movie transcends the transient emotion of fear that many believe is the main appeal. For starters, the horror movie has achieved immortality through the legendary icons of folklore that it draws most material from. Unlike other forgettable genres, horror rides on the shoulders of god-like symbols of fear that have been passed on from generation to generation. Deeply complex characters such as Dracula, the wolfman and Frankenstein possess psychological intensity as well as cultural clout. The fact that esteemed actors and directors in the ranks of Jack Nicholson, Francis Coppola and Gary Oldman have explored and played these characters is testament to the gravity that should be accorde... ... middle of paper ... ...eatures vampires and lycans. Leslie Nielsen has also milked this genre making a stupid travesty of a vampire movie, Love at First Bite. Even the Little Shop of Horrors, a musical in essence, lightens an otherwise frightening prospect of a man-eating plant. Horror movies have appeal because the same icons of horror are also used in other movie genres, making audiences more familiar with horror icons even though they might not watch horror movies themselves. Horror movies are too much a part of pop culture to ignore. In the classic tradition of all horror movies, and milking the high chance that you the reader are probably familiar with the way horror movies end, let us not conclude this essay; for we have to wait for that dead corpse to make one last lunge, opening the possibility of a thrilling sequel. And perhaps concluding this way speaks volumes for itself.

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