Discuss fully what the Hebrew tradition was and how it was different from Judaism. How did Christians interpret the Abrahamic convenant, the Passo...

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The Hebrew tradition was that they were a patriarchal society that consisted of twelve tribes. The things we know today about them mostly come from the scriptures that were written by them to keep track of their history, achievements and use as teachings. They followed the God of Abraham, believed that God was the source of morality by following its commands, and that God was not part of creation & time. Hebrews believed that The Law regulated life of the Hebrews by saying how they dress, eat and work. The Hebrew tradition also consisted of the Passover which took place during the fall where it commemorates the liberation of God from slavery in Egypt and the story of Exodus. Passover is where the blood of a spring lamb is placed on the door of a house and the angel of God will know to pass over the first born child. There was alsoYom Kippur, also known as Atonement- “covering”, which occurs during the spring where repentance is taken place. The Mercy Seat, where the law was inscribed, was covered with the blood of sheep to hide the law from God, assuming that God would look over the law since it was covered then forgive those who have sinned. Both the atonement and the Passover are part of the Renewal of Covenant or renewal of God. The Hebrew religion compared to Judaism and Christianity is very different. Judaism, on the other hand, is different from the tradition of Hebrews because Judaism is an interpretation of the Hebrew religion. Judaism concentrates more on the Messiah meaning the “anointed one” which in this case is Christos. Messiah according to Judaism had to be king, a priest, and a prophet, just like Christians believed that Jesus of Nazareth was. Unlike Hebrew whose revelation was what the prophets would claim, in Ju... ... middle of paper ... that one (them) are not as bad, they’re not the villains in the story. Including the fact that Christianity was a Universal religion, it accepted anyone giving more opportunities for other people to be able to join. Lastly, the Hebrew tradition consisted of scriptures, the law that regulated life, and that God is the source to morality. Judaism, even though it is an interpretation of the Hebrew religion, it’s different from Hebrew itself. They believed in Messiah, their revelation was the Old Testament, and they used parables as a way of teaching using heroes and villains, flipping their roles to create doubt. Also, Christianity had different interpretations on some aspects of the Hebrew religion. Yet, Christianity became popular and had many contributions to the reason why. At the end, both Judaism and Christianity are interpretations of the Hebrew religion.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the hebrew tradition was a patriarchal society that consisted of twelve tribes. they believed that god was the source of morality by following its commands.
  • Explains that judaism is different from the tradition of hebrews because it is an interpretation of the hebrew religion.
  • Explains that the christian interpretation of passover was that it celebrated towards the redemption of the bondage to sin made by people through sacrificing christ. the atonement was where forgiveness and pardon had been given to those who had committed sin.
  • Explains that the abrahamic covenant is where god told abraham to go to the land of israel and that he would make promises to abraham that would be passed down to isaac and jacob.
  • Explains the reasons for christianity's popularity, such as: persecution, universal religion, jesus of nazareth - a real human being, parables, pax romana, and the fact that most people spoke greek & latin facilitated the spread of ideas.
  • Explains that both judaism and christianity are interpretations of the hebrew religion.
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