Discuss The Two Personal Short-Term SMART Goals Related To Professional Leadership

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S- Finish my master’s degree in management and leadership, with an added certification in project management. My current degree path has an intended graduation date of December 2017, with the Project Management certification completion date expected by December 2018. I will then study for 3-6 months to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam to take by June 2019.
M- I plan to finish my master’s degree in Management and Leadership and follow my course curriculum and stay on course for graduation. In January of 2018 I will begin the Project Management certification program with an estimated completion date of December 2018. A-Finish my master’s degree by December 2017. This degree will aid in future careers in upper leadership. Finish
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Discuss two personal short-term SMART goals related to professional leadership development. My two short-term goals related to professional leadership, are completing current job related programmatic goals and resume revisions for future leadership positions. Presently I am involved in a work related programmatic goal that if successful could become part of a large companywide process. This achievement will facilitate interest from potential employers by emphasizing my knowledge, capability and project management skills. Resume revisions are necessary to capture potential employer’s attention by highlighting completed educational endeavors and gain competitive advantage in the job market.
With my programmatic goal I plan to:
S- Work diligently on increasing the number of patient participants within the goal. Meet with physicians, patients and create a practical plan to increase involvement.
M- This will encompass the next 12 months’ worth of data. I will measure the increased volume monthly at first and then quarterly if needed.
A-The goal is current but needs a redesign to become more effective.
R- Reevaluate time and participation every quarter.
T- Finish the goal before the Cancer on Commission inspection and ensure the designated participant numbers are

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