Discuss The Relationship Between Biff And Happy In Death Of A Salesman

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Although the parents in Arthur Miller 's play Death of a Salesman want their sons to be successful, their sons Biff and Happy struggle to communicate with them, which results in fights that creates further dysfunctional relationships in the Loman family. Success is crucial to the father Willy, who believes he is above other salesman, giving him the wrong idea of his position. When Willy saw his brother Ben as a success, jealousy swept over him. Willy is a pushy father who wants to show his children Biff and Happy that success is most important. Biff is a realist and wants his family to accept the fact that they may never live the dream. Happy has his father’s traits but is much more understanding with Biff. One important event that caused friction between Biff and his father Willy was about college. Since Biff did not pass math, he had to attend summer school. However, Biff refuses to do so. This made him realize he is going nowhere in life, which prompted him to return home. On opposing ends, his father Willy only sees Biff as lazy. “Biff is a lazy bum!” (Miller 859). Biff wants a simpler life, he knows the…show more content…
Benziman touches this idea in his South Atlantic Review, “Success, Law, and the Law of Success: Reevaluating "death of a Salesman 's". Benziman says that that this could have been because of his personality, or he could have inherited it. After all, his father and brother were also salesman. However, Willy puts too much of himself into his job and he felt he was worth more dead than alive. Having a life insurance policy signaled that he was giving up. Willy was ready to die for the sack of his family. He saw himself as a success if he was dead. Even though he has a tough exterior the pain of seeing his family struggle was too much for him to bare. Willy never went to his family and told them how he felt. Being someone who wanted to be seen as tough he would rather die than express his failures to his
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