Discuss The Importance Of Integrated Marketing Communication

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The integrated marketing communications IMC were developed during 1980’s which are many companies are looking for strategy to integrate their promotional tools. As we know, in previous year, many companies use mass-media advertising to promote their product. As marketers embraced the concept of integrated brand-secondary'>marketing communication, they begin asking their ad agencies to coordinate the promotional tools. The goal of this concept is to build the brands with ensure that they give customers a consistent message about the companies or brand and also to create and sustain relationships between companies or brands and their customers.

There are factors why integrated marketing communications are important for growth of firms
1. Consumers are changing.
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Refers to any paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, product, service or idea by an identified sponsor. It reflects that the space or time for which a price is paid by the advertiser to the media owner. Example: media such as TV, radio. There are several reasons why advertising is such an important, it can be very cost-effective method for communication with large audience and to create brand image and symbolic appeals for company or brand.
2. Direct marketing
Refer to organizations communicate directly with target customers to generate a response or a transaction. Back then, direct marketing is much more like direct mail and catalogues. One of major tools of direct marketing is direct response advertising, whereby a product is promoted through an ad that encourages the consumer to purchase directly from manufacture. Example, some companies, such as Tupperware, Discovery Toys, and Amway, do not use any other distribution channels, relying on independent contractors to sell their products directly to consumers. Companies such as L.L. Bean, Lands’ End, and J. Crew have been very successful in using direct marketing to sell their clothing products. Dell Computer and Gateway have experienced tremendous growth in the computer industry by selling a full line of personal computers through direct
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1. Search marketing: When someone want to do online shop, they will “google” the product. While there are so many product , the customers tends to see insight product that have attractive promotion and interested them.
2. Accessibility and convenience: Consumers expect information and services that relate to a brand to be conveniently accessible via its website. Example , they will go to mudah.com to find the original or second hand product.
3. Aggregation of information and services: Product promotion, delivery, service and information from many different sources are seamlessly presented together. This will make consumers become confuse with all those information from each of sources.
4. Social media: Traditionally businesses were largely in control of their brand communications. Now brand communications are multidirectional as consumers can easily share, comment and create content. Brands can use this to their advantage by creating appealing content. For instance Unilever’s campaign for Dove, The Dove Real Beauty Sketches went viral with over 54 million views on

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