Discuss The Impact Of Globalization On Professional Ethics

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The Effect Of Globalization In Developing Professional Ethics
The impact of globalization on human beings no doubt about it, but does it effect on Professional ethics?, This is a Controversial topic which may consider a various points of view.
First thing we ought understand the concept of globalization, what is the definition of globalization and what is the relationship between globalization and professional ethics , also weather it have an effect on professional ethics or not.
Globalization means “The worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications integration.” In other words Globalization means that the world is becoming one Country, which emerged with the modern age and was formed what caused by the science
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The globalization of this concept is double-edged sword, it is good when it is between civilizations, peoples and countries, surpassing the geographical factor, and making the world a small village, a rescuer of rights of many of the restrictions thanks to the spread of media and putting information within reach of every individual to allow him access to what is going on in the world while he stays at his home , the cultures of countries become exposed to peoples and pervasive due to the economic, cultural and informational globalization in particular.
The effect of globalization on professional ethics may consider a various points of view , also what is the impact of globalization on professional ethics? it could have a positive or a negative impact on employees. Current days globalization plays an important role in developing professional ethics, suppose that globalization does not exist these days and there is no contact with the outside world, how the country can develop and become an advanced country, also can we keep up with developments in the world, from my point of view I do not think so
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Introduce the idea of fees for financial services in public institutions, makes it out of reach for poor people.

These are a list of the advantages and disadvantages of globalization as you can see which effect in our community . The advantages and disadvantages of globalization above definitely gives you lots of information that would clarify the concept of globalization and how it affects our world. With disadvantages, many today people are not happy in the first place on health issues and other negative things that affect their daily lives.
In conclusion I found out that Globalization effects what we eat and what clothes we wear , also globalization means the way companies, ideas and lifestyles are spreading around the world.
“We cannot accuse scientific and technical development risks of globalization and disadvantages science is a way that human used to bring happiness to themselves be used It must be said that globalization carries within its own contradictions and its own conflicts must deal with the reality of contemporary conditions without escape and it seems that there are challenges there is also a large and diverse responsibilities should be carried by the individual and
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