Discuss The Difference Between Social And Medical Model

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What conflicts exist between social and medical models of health and how might a holistic model help resolve these apparent conflicts? Introduction. The Bio- medical model. There are various definitions of the medical model, Wikipedia, the internet encyclopaedia, currently defines it as ‘the predominant Western approach to illness, the body being a complex mechanism with illness understood in terms of causation and remediation, in contrast to holistic, and social models’. The disabled people’s movement believe that it is based on a false notion of ‘normality’, with people being judged on what they cannot do. They believe that it sees people with disabilities as the problem, focusing on the impairment or the health condition. It may be beneficial to look at the social model and the medical model in more depth. The medical model has deep seated roots in history, in early western societies people were often abandoned and sent to asylums. Such confinement and isolation of people with mental illness/ distress reflected the negative social attitudes held toward people’s difference. To the present day people with disabilities and mental distress are still often viewed as different from “normal” people in society and are frequently ascribed stereotypical characteristics such as weakness, dependant and…show more content…
This opposition appears to be defined solely on the basis of impairment or the power imbalance of having clinicians rule the lives of service users/survivors. The social model should not be reduced to an outcome of social barriers alone, despite their relevance and significance in people’s lives, (Tew 2005), acknowledges the social model approaches or perspectives, may not come together in the form of a commonly agreed social model of mental health, but they do offer other ways of the viewing the
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