Discuss The Causes Of The British Agricultural Revolution

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1. The British Agricultural Revolution is said to be one of the major causes of the Industrial Revolution. The British Agricultural Revolution improved the agricultural production which then made workers want to work in other districts. The Enclosure movement also made food production more productive. But this forced the part of the population that couldn't find work in agriculture into the cottage industry. Another cause of the Industrial Revolution was the invention of the steam engine.
2. The Agricultural Revolution is said to be one of the key caused because it created new farming methods like crop rotation and soil mixing. The Agricultural Revolution also allowed owners of their land practice new farming methods. And it forced the smaller farmers to move to the cities. It also created new technology that increased the production of crops
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The Industrial Revolution had a lot of negative effects. The Industrial Revolution brought urbanization which caused problems because the urban areas became more overcrowded. And this also made the urban areas a dirty and unhealthy place to live. There were also a lot of pollution because of the factories and iron mills. And the enclosure movement made the farmers move to the cities away from their farms. And since the cities grew so fast around the factories, there was no time to plan the building which meant there was no sewage, sanitation, or running water. And this caused the cities to be a very dirty and unhealthy place to live in, and this caused diseases like cholera. The factory work was very awful because you worked a full twelve hours and only got paid ten cents a day and you were fired if you complained. And the factory owners hired women and children because they could pay them less. But the factory work was very dangerous for children because they could be hurt by the machines and they could also get sick from the chemicals and fumes in the factory. And this soon caused revolt and the cities became a
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