Discursive Essay on Abortion

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Discursive Essay on Abortion

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. If a woman falls pregnant

and she does not wish to go through with the pregnancy then she may

choose to have an abortion. Abortion is a controversial issue, some

people say it is ok to abort a baby but others are strongly against

it. Sometimes people are against it because they believe it is wrong

but some are against it because of their religion, their background

and their up-bringing. People who are for abortion may have had one

and therefore think it is ok or they may know someone who has had

one. In this essay I will discuss the arguments for and the arguments

against abortion.

An argument in favour of abortion is if the woman was raped. If a

woman was raped then she would often not want to keep a rapist’s

child. Also she would probably be scarred for life, even without the

baby. If she had the baby she would be reminded of the rape every

single day of her life. When the baby gets older he/she would want to

know who his/her dad was when he/she saw that every other child at

school had a dad and he/she never, unless the mother has another


Secondly, the mother should be able to terminate the pregnancy if she

is told that her unborn baby is going to have a disability. If your

baby was born with a disability then you would struggle to cope, as

would your family. When the baby grows older he/she may have

difficulties in school and may even get bullied because of his/her

disabilities. It would be possible to abort this baby as every parent

wishes for a good, happy, normal life for their children.

Lastly, a reason for a woman to hav...

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then she should have to take responsibility of a pregnancy that

results in her actions, even if this does mean having to leave school

or to leave a brilliant job to raise a child. Any woman should have

to take care of a baby because she knew what she was doing and knew

what could be the consequences of her actions. Therefore she should

not be allowed to terminate her pregnancy.

Having researched the topic fully presented three arguments for

abortion and three arguments against abortion, my opinion is that it

should be legal but for one reason only – if the baby is going to have

any sort of disability. In every other circumstance, it should be

illegal because, as I said in one of my points, many couples are

unable to have children of their own and this would give them a good

chance to have a baby of their own.

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