Discrimination in the United States Today

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In the United States today discrimination is still an issue in society. As a society progress has definitely been made, but it has never fully gone away. Some of the most discriminatory action takes place in the American justice system. Young minority males between the ages of 25-29 are subject to being treated the most unfairly while whites of the same age are still being treated better than any race in this country. African American and Hispanic males are being incarcerated at higher rates than white males in America. Not only are minorities being incarcerated more, but also they are subject to harsher sentencing terms, fall victim to police racial profiling, and have disparities in the war on drugs. Also whites are still the dominant race in terms of being judges, lawyers and lawmakers, but this certain workforce is starting to push for a more diverse workforce community. The existence of racial disparities and discrimination in the justice system is still prevalent today, so this means that structured inequality still exist in America today. To help resolve a solution for this issue in future this topic needs to be addressed immediately to further decrease the gap in racial discrimination and disparities. Discrimination in justice system is a topic of controversy in society today, but after conducting in depth research, and gathering subjective input it explains why minority males are being incarcerated more than white males.
Incarceration in the nation as gone up 500% since the 1970s a total of about 2.2 million are behind bars. With the increase rates of incarceration an increasing amount of uneven racial discrimination is at high rates for African American and Hispanic males. According to Mauer & King (2007) “The African ...

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... of diversity, but are making strides to becoming a more diverse workforce. Structured inequality exist still in the United States giving this country a bad look in terms, for racial discriminating and disparity in the American Justice system. In all racial discrimination and disparities in the justice system still exist today, so in order to reduce discrimination and disparities in the justice system setting legislation policies is an great option to better this issue. Unfortunately, it is an unresolved solution because it is almost impossible to change peoples predetermined views on other races.

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