Discrimination and Prejudice of South Asian Minorities for Housing

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With discrimination and prejudice settled in Hong Kong, minorities suffering in their domicile. Minorities is in despite of normally not understanding each other. At the very beginning, prejudice of locals causes minorities’ difficulties in Housing problem. Some locals might assumed that South Asian minorities are going to mess the whole place. When South Asians like Pakistani and Indian wants to rent a shelter, normally locals would not rent their house to them. It is a prejudice caused by misunderstanding. For example Locals not willing to rent their house to minorities because of they feel worry of minorities’ traditions will cause the yellowing of ceiling. Full of misunderstanding causes prejudice to minorities, as locals is not willing to rent their place to minorities. In the desperate situation of minorities’ trouble, the assumption of locals to minorities severely triggered the housing problem of South Asian minorities. Hongkongers do not want minorities to be their neighbor. A research shows that about 62.6% respondents accepted Pakistanis in their neighborhood. In a statement, we called this a disappointed figure. Although somebody might said that 62.6% respondents accepted Pakistanis as their neighbors is a pretty good figure, however when this figure compared to others, this will be a pretty low amount of acceptance. Locals’ acceptance of other ethnic minorities in Hong Kong are far greater than acceptance of Pakistanis. Notably Japanese, American, European, and Chinese are more than 85% acceptance. Locals does not want minorities like Pakistanis to be their neighbor because of assumption and misunderstanding. For example, our group’s second interviewee does not know Chinese, when locals wants to talk to him, they must use English to communicate. However, the older generation of locals and South Asian minorities do not familiar with English, surely they could not communicate with other races very well. The problem of communication causes misunderstanding between locals and ethnic minorities. Moreover, locals labelled South Asian minorities as “dirty”, “violent”, and “criminal”. This kind of labelling also caused by misunderstanding. As an illustration of our second interviewee’s words, he told us the kind of prejudice like “violent” and “criminal” is caused by the government. Firstly, “violent” is a part of their culture. He told us that in his country, if someone come alongside and engaged his friends, then he will get in the combat and fight for his friends until he dead or his enemy’s routed out. However, Hong Kong government does not tell residents that kind of “violent” is a part of their culture.

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