Discrimination Of Students With Disabilities And The Unequal Treatment Of Women

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Our Equal Rights For many years people have fought for equal rights and they are still fighting to win this battle. Also, people are still fighting to win the battle of discrimination and inequality. This paper will discuss discrimination of students with disabilities and the unequal treatment of women. There is a history of students who have a disability having a hard time learning at the same pace as other students with a learning disability. Some teachers do not have the patience to work with students who have a hard time learning. Some teachers give up on the students who have a hard time learning. People who have a disability have a hard time being an equal in the schools, college, and workplaces. Some schools are pretty bad about discriminating against students with disabilities and some schools have made efforts to assist students with disabilities. Examples of discrimination against students with disabilities are when teachers tell the students that they will not be able to go to college because it will be too hard for them. Another example is when teachers tell the parents that their children need to go to special schools. This kind of treatment causes the parents to get angry because they don’t feel the teachers are doing enough to help their child succeed (Burns, 2009). Discrimination can be very hard to prove because of the amount of students in the public school system. In 2006, there were many students who finished school not knowing how to read or write due to their disability and lack of help from the teachers. Another example of discrimination is when teachers put students in Special Education classes if they have hard time in just one subject. There are lots of students who would not need Special Educ... ... middle of paper ... ...n back then fought, did not listen to their family and sometimes the family supported them. Many women have fought to obtain these right we have just so they could be equal to men (Barkan, 2008). Women want to be recognized as an equal; they want be able have the same opportunities as men. They want to be recognized for the work skill and education that is comparable to men and not for their gender alone. Women want to be respected and not disrespected. They want to be valued for their opinion and ideas. They want to encourage other women to fights for their dream (Rosado, 1996). Equal rights have come a long way for people who are handicapped and have disabilities and equal rights for women. There are examples of ways things have changed but more change is needed. People may never stop discriminating but people have a right to fight for equal rights.

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