Discrimination: Not To Be Used In Societies

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Discrimination has affected the world since the beginning of time. It affected ancient Egypt, the United States throughout its entire history, and even the words grandparents say when a person of color- or absence of color- walks by during that dreaded yearly barbeque. At the same time, people have ignored it, and sometimes, supported it. Clearly, Harper Lee is not one of those people. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee takes place in a sexist and racist town, Maycomb County. The most obvious discrimination is racial discrimination during the false rape-accusation trial of a black man, Tom Robinson; however, racial discrimination does not stand alone in the county. Discrimination means unjust or prejudiced treatment based on sex, race, or ethics. Lee conveys that discrimination negatively influences society. Atrocious treatment of biracial people, vile words toward anti-racists, and sexism toward women negatively affect the sleepy 1930’s town.
Biracial citizens face atrocious treatment. People of two different races, black and white, here, produce biracial children. When Scout notices Mayella, “...was as sad [...] as what Jem called a mixed child” (Lee 256), she uses a simile to compare her sorrow to that of a “mixed” child. “Mixed” means biracial. A child of two races becomes “the other” in Maycomb. Both communities, Caucasian and African-American, reject that child, because they view them as the “wrong” race; thus othering them. Mayella experiences for a short time what biracial children experience every day. Scout notices that Maycomb forces them to feel melancholy for attributes they cannot control. This is terrible treatment, because nobody should become alienated due to their genes. Discrimination causes the ugly behavior a...

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... weak (Lee 296). Jem looks up to his father, and to his town, but unfortunately absorbs their sexist ways. Since this angers the protagonist, Scout, it shows that discrimination negatively influences people.
Discrimination proves to be a negative influence in a town. First, atrocious treatment toward biracial people makes them sad. Second, poorly treating anti-racists leads to abhorrence. Finally, sexism creates anger. Discrimination in the novel always leads to negative emotions, thus meaning Lee believes discrimination creates an environment that destroys tranquility. Shamefully, people across the world have read, discussed, and analyzed this beautiful novel, but fail to realize the message Lee sends. Grandparents continue to make racist and sexist remarks, many Americans still stereotype citizens, and modern Egyptian discrimination resembles that of ancient Egypt.
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