Discrimination In The Movie Crash

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Crash Essay Draft It is often the everyday issues that matter the most when engaging in a film or novel. Crash is an example of this as it tackles the ideas of Racism and discrimination and the fundamental idea of stereotypes and how it affects a person trying to break it and become something else then they referred and must be how through it we view people different then us in a negative way through comments associated with stereotypes against that’s persons gender and background. It is also shown how it heavily affects and has an impact on us. The film crash directed by Paul Haggis follows people of various races and social classes in a modern society which shows us the encounters of these people with each other within the film through Racial…show more content…
Throughout the film, Officer Ryan has a very close relationship with his father and his racism personality is showed right throughout the film because of his job and how it is affecting him to lash out towards people of other races. It is first assumed in the film that at first that Ryan was a product of his environment that absorbed racist views from his white ethnic group and got it from his father regarding his attitude towards black people. Ryan’s father however happens to not to be racist man at all and is the only stable relationship Ryan has in the film and manages to humanise him more whenever he is shown with his father compared to other scenes where he is portrayed is a racist stereotypical white man. Officer Ryan on the job uses his power as a police officer to sexually harass a black female civilian in front of her husband, simply because he can and has the power to as a police officer of the law. Another scene in the film that showcases this racist side to Officer Ryan is when he is on the phone trying to get a hold of a medical clinic regarding his father’s health condition on the phone he is speaking to a black woman “I want to talk to your supervisor, I am my supervisor, yeah what’s your name? Shaniqua Johnson, Shaniqua massive surprise that is!” these quotes of officer Ryan showcase his racist personality and stereotypes of a black woman can have a prominent position of power in a 21st modern day

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