Discrimination In The Movie Crash

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Elisa Morel
Professor Unger
Social Issues 101
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We all know that our world has never been completely equal. It wasn’t before and till this day it still is not. People constantly discriminate against each other even if they do not realize that they do. Due to our society’s racial discrimination, our actions are frequently influenced. The movie “Crash” clearly displays how people in a society are segregated and categorized. It displays how people from a variety of races treat each other and how those treatments cause them to act a specific way. The discrimination and classifications of race in our society causes people to be irrational.
The movie “Crash” presents how several conflicts of race cause a group of strangers in Los Angeles to come across each other. There is a Caucasian attorney and his wife, who was carjacked by two black males. One of those black males turn out to be a black detective’s brother and the white attorney, black mails the detective to give false information about a murder. Along the road, there is a caring and loving white cop who mistakenly kills the black detective’s brother. There is also a Persian shopkeeper and his family, who are constantly threatened and mistaken for being Arabian. He hires a Hispanic dedicated locksmith to fix a lock in his shop, and he later tries to kill the locksmith after his shop was trashed. On the other hand, there is a black movie director and his wife, who gets harassed by a Caucasian cop, who later on saves her from a car fire. The movie involves several collisions where characters are stereotyped and discriminated against due to their racial background.
“Crash” demonstrates how racial tensions cause people to be irrational and anxious. T...

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...o my argument, I believe my argument has better reasoning because it is obvious in both our society today and the movie “Crash” that we subconsciously discriminate against each other. It is also clear that our actions are influenced by the way others perceive us.

We do not always realize how socially constructed our society is or how we are the ones that have made it this way. We are the ones that discriminate against each other. We are the reason why we are not being treated as equals and why each race is treated differently. Due to the fact that some of us treat each other differently because of racial background, our actions differ. As displayed by the characters in “Crash” we all act a certain way because of how society has constructed us to think we are suppose to act. Race classification and discrimination clearly makes society become people they are not.
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