Discrimination In The LGBT Community

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Evelyn Ayala

Professor David Andrus

Political Science 1

9 May 201

LGBT Community In the 21st century social norms are changing and people are becoming more accepting. Once community that has been struggling for decades, is finally finding its path to acceptance and equality from its peers, that is the LGBT community. The LGBT community still faces a prevalent form of discrimination due to their sexual orientation, which people find morally unethical. That discrimination comes in the form of hate crimes and verbal abuse from people. According to a Williams Institute poll approximately 3.4 percent of American adults identify themselves as being LGBT, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transponder (LGBT Demographics:Wiki). It estimated that 3.8 percent of Americans identified as
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Even though the LGBT community faces discrimination, citizens and the government are becoming more and acceptive to their fellow Americans. The term LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, it also describes people 's sexual orientation or gender identity. The “L” in LGBT stands for lesbian, which is a female homosexual, or a female who is attracted to the same sex. The “G” in LGBT stands for gay, which is a man who is attracted to the same sex. About 3.3% of the population identify themselves as gay or lesbian in the US (Williams Institute).The word gay is used interchangeably for lesbians and gays. The “B” in stands for Bisexual, which is someone who is attracted to both men and women. Bisexuals account for 3.6% of the population in the US (Williams Institute). Last but not least, the “T” stands for Transgender, which is someone whose gender identity, expression, and behavior does not conform to the sex they were assigned at birth (Live Science). The transgender demographic is small, only 0.5% of adults aged 18-64 identified as transgender in the United
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