Discrimination In Education Essay

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Discrimination is education is still a real thing even in today’s time where most people don’t hold the same bigoted views that were typical over 50 years ago. The most prevalent reason for discriminating in education is due to racial disparities. Many of these discriminations are a result of past discriminations against a group of a people that seems to affect their children. The most important time for children to learn cognitive abilities and for behavioral development is during the preschool years. The amount of school readiness that a child has before they enter preschool depends mostly on the child’s parents. Throughout my research, I have discovered the time before a child even enters school can have a huge impact on the child’s academic achievements for perhaps the rest of their life. Studies show that children who start of preschool at a disadvantage in school readiness usually fall farther back while those that start with an advantage usually pull farther ahead. In my interview, I learned about the issues faced by underprivileged children in disadvantaged environments where learning can be difficult. The past discriminations in race have led to a disparity in economic statuses which have further put children at a disadvantage.
Three conditions must usually be present in order for a student to learn. First they must be have the opportunity to learn in the form of books, a teacher, or even the internet. The second condition is effort on the part of the student in regards to time devoted to learning and the level of focus on learning. The last condition is prior skills and knowledge in order to learn. For instance, you cant read a book if you don’t first learn how to read. For the purposes of this research, I will focus on...

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...criminated against in regards to employment or occupational opportunities which can affect the area in which their child lives and goes to school. Either way, the child faces issues when they begin school and this setback can have an effect on the entire life of the child. But not in all cases since much of academic success and learning comes from the individual’s effort to learn. Gender discrimination can also effect the entire life of a child when done in early years. Some teacher give grades in elementary school based on gender. The discouragement to learn that a child may develop from receiving poor grades can affect their want to learn in latter years as well. So we as a society must understand and know how easily children are influenced during the first ten years of their life and the impact that it not only has on them, but for our entire future generations.
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