Discrimination, And Strict Gender Roles In The LGBT Community

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When it comes to being discriminated, and physically and verbally abused, members of the sexual minorities including the LGBT community are definitely no stranger to it. Even though words itself cannot harm an individual, it is one of the main pathways that leads to physical violent behavior. (Meyer, 2012: 853) Members of the sexual minorities are frequent recipients of violent behavior , mainly because of strict gender roles that society implies on everyone. This produces a us-against-them kind of mentality and can lead to discrimination and violence with people getting hurt because of what they appear to look like. (Slater, 2015: 5) This kind of discriminative violence towards an individual can end up not just being physically harmful, but mentally and psychologically hurtful to the individual too. Studies show that crimes with hateful and discriminatory intentions hurt the members of the LGBT and sexual minorities psychologically more than any other sort violence they receive. (Meyer, 2012: 853)…show more content…
Back in the nineteenth century San Francisco two women got arrested for wearing men’s clothes, so they could go on a “Slumming tours” where they could not do so if they were dressed in their gender based attire. (Sears 2015: 65) They didn 't have enough freedom from what was expected of them as their gender assignment from that time so that is all they could do. The Police of that time used markers to identify and potentially arrest what they deemed abnormally dressed. (Sears 2015: 18) This further helped promote the environment for stigmatizing and hateful arrests. An example of this was of Ruble and about his/her agender identity, the courts then claimed to be Ruble to be insane. (Sears 2015: 82-83) When there is lack of diversity in a very diversified gender spectrum it leads to problems between what is considered okay not not socially for the gender
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