Discrimination And Discrimination

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Throughout this course we have learned how the lives that we live and the person we are is impacted by a number of dimensions. These dimensions include the economy, discrimination, lack of resources and job opportunities. These dimensions hold a lot of weight in our lives and most of them we have no control over. For some people, unfortunately, they innately inherit certain disadvantages ranging from where their family comes to the color of their skin or even the neighborhood they were born into. Those factors are uncontrollable and yet still deeply affect the quality of their life. Not only do these factors have an impact on us as children they have a presence over us all the way into adulthood. One setting that is affected by lack of resources…show more content…
People who are discriminated against are stripped of the motivation that is needed to make a better life for themselves and their family. Black people are probably more distressed than white people at low levels of income because their caste-like inferiorized status prevents aspirations and results in greater exposure to chronic ongoing stressors (McLoyd, 1990). The psychological ramifications of being discriminated against will produce long lasting effects. According to McLoyd (1990), “The hypothesis that poverty is caused by psychological factors is supported in a number of ethnographic studies” (p. 313). Black children frequently grow up in poor, isolated, urban neighborhood, which is rarely the case for poor white children (McLoyd,…show more content…
One explanation for this is that environments where people are being discriminated against might not have the means to demand adequate resources in their neighborhood. One example of a resource, which should be available to everyone, includes help and support from neighbors. According to Garbarino and Sherman (1980), “in high risk areas there is less provision of child care, less self-sufficiency and less reciprocal exchange” (p192). As a result, if there is discrimination, then providing those means will not be made a priority and the health and well being of the people within those communities will suffer. Even though black and white communities show similar characteristics one distinction is that safer and wealthier neighborhoods surround white middle class communities on average, while more impoverished ones surround black middle class communities (DeAngelis, 2001). Discrimination is a prime example as to why such statistics even
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