Discrimination Against Older Workers Essay

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This report is about discrimination against older workers in Australia.

The purpose of the report is show how older workers are discriminated against.

This report focuses on workers over 45 years of age.

The report compares younger and older workers.

The report shows that many workers lose their jobs after turning 50.

The major recommendations are to improve training or upgrade the skills of those in there 40. So employees will recognize and value older workers and there will be no gap between older and younger worker.


This report is about discrimination against older worker over age 45. It is being written and requested by Phil McKnight. Jintana Blackman is conducting this research. It is background information relevant to the report because the writer’s family member had been discrimination by the employer.


Age discrimination legislation introduced

One of many issues in Australian society is discrimination against mature-age of 45 workers. The government introduced legislation of age discrimination in 2004. The legislation was not passed until July 2011 (Wong 2014).

Unlawful age discrimination

According to a new report, Australian workplaces deny to training or labelling to mature age workers as well as occupational health and safety risk. The report from employment issues related with age discrimination towards older people about health claims such as depression, memory loss and balance problems. People should be able to work with limit of their skills, abilities and aspirations no matter what of age (Southam, 2010).

In 2008-2009, the major of complaints relate d to employment come from people aged over 45. The issues discrimi...

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...e or they should hire older workers. The report shows about unemployment rates and any different between younger compare with older worker work as a team of their personality and skills. Also shows Employment to population and detail of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott proposed incentive payment to employers if they hire older workers.

The unemployment rates in May 2014 had gone up to 5.8% and report from ABS shows 50% of unemployed were people who aged over 45. The Federal Government want people to retire at age 70 years the employers need to corporate and helping hand to older workers not judge the way their look and with their performance. Ii is cost $10.8 billion each year to Australian economy if nothing happen soon.

I will be glad to discuss with you any questions you may have about the report, please contact Jintana Blackman at 0421-764-598.

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