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Discrimination I don’t know about Will working here; don’t you think we have enough color around the office already? This is not an unusual situation, there is and will always be discrimination in the work place. Discrimination isn’t always around the office; you can be discriminated against, or labeled as to what you should do. Just because you’re African American, Mexican, Japanese or whatever your ethnicity might be you can be, labeling in the work force is not something you have to live with. One of the biggest problems is racial wage inequality. It means just because you are African American or of some other culture that you get paid less than a white co-worker. This is one of the topics that I will be touching on, another is the rise in African American workers in the construction industries. You say that it’s not happening but its apart of everyday life, people are getting cut of not getting jobs just because of their raise. It’s not something that we need to forget about, this is a free country that we live in. When it comes to the office were black and white co-workers work on the exact same stuff and do the exact same things and one gets paid more than the other what do you think? I’m not a person that agrees with this at all, I have seen it in my own job experiences. It was my junior summer in High School. I lived in Dallas Texas, if you would see discrimination anywhere it would be there. I got a summer job with a friend of mines uncle, as a body man at a paint and body shop. The guy was really laid back white country hic, all the way threw. I was really enjoying the new job, we needed an extra hand around the shop because it was just the two of us, and so we put up fliers around town. W... ... middle of paper ... ...on. Helping each other out whether your are of different ethnicities or not is important and setting an example for our kids just be our main priority of doing so. If we do the something to others that we do not what it happening to us we should think and before we continue the discrimination and acknowledge that the person we are talking about is a person with the same capabilities that we have. Discrimination is a thing of the past and doing or best to avoid it should be in our best interest to make this country even greater that what it is today and helping other ethnic groups to flourish the same way our ethnic group flourished when we first arrived to this country whether it was Hispanics working in the fields of, Irish working in the mines everybody should be given the same opportunity to become what they came to this land to be, Men of good and prosperity.
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