Discovery of Egypt´s Ancient Fleet

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Ever since the 19th century, there has always been controversy between Egyptologists regarding the hypothesis of ancient Egyptians traveling on the sea. Although there are images sculpted in the walls of the ancient temple Deir el-Bahri implying that there were sea expeditions to the enigmatic Punt (The Land of God), some people insist that Punt was located inland or that it is just a myth. However, on Christmas morning in 2004 the archeologist Kathryn Brad and her team found a cave that was part of an ancient harbor under what used to be the Mersa Gwasis lagoon located along the Red Sea. Inside the hemispherical cave they found a piece of pottery with the name of the pharaoh Amenemhat III who ruled Egypt around 1800 B.C., which gave them a lead regarding the cave’s age. Subsequently, they found a larger cave which contained ship timbers and reused stone anchors. This cave became the first compelling evidence of the ancient Egyptian sea transportation. The evidence recollected during these excavation includes the discovery of 8 caves, a piece of stone which discloses missions to Pu...
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