Discovering The Relationship Between The Law And Your School

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Discovering the Relationship Between the Law and Your School The learner had the pleasure and honor to interview Special Education Director, Tricia Troiano. Ms Troiano has been teaching for many years and has just recently accepted a position last school year to be a director of special education. The learner enjoyed taking the law and litigation course and was eager to do his research and interview to learn even more on the subject. The learner thought it would be best to do the interview first before the research to have a clean slate. This course and the topics learned was new to the learner so he thought it would be best to go into the interview only knowing what he had learned over the past eight weeks. The learner asked what Ms. Troiano her thoughts on how special education has evolved over the past 20 years, and with that how has it affected the legal framework for special education today. Ms. Troiano took a second to think and replied, “As special education has evolved, more and more parents have become involved in their child’s education” (Troiano, 2013). As the learner discovered in this course, the legal system as it pertains to special education has come a long way. Previous cases and legislators have paved the way for future citizens to not only stand up for what they feel is fair, but also change the means of how the educational system is affecting them and their child. “In almost all cases, the complaining party cannot skip any steps in between and go straight to the courts for resolution” (Lecture 8, 2013). The learner cannot agree more with this process. He feels that a lot of people take advantage and expect immediate results handed down by a judge. He appreciates the process being cumbersome to discourage a... ... middle of paper ... ...ce the blame on others and never on themselves. We need to change our mindset so that we do not become even more complacent and expect others to everything for us. This interview assignment was interesting for the learner to do because he feels that this is where most of the learning comes from…learning from others. The learner appreciates these types of questions because he likes to get to the bottom of what people truly feel about education. He feels that if he can learn a new facet of education that he has yet to be aware of, or at the very least not have any personal occurrences with it yet, he can learn more from the experience. There is always something to be learned from everything we don in our daily lives. That is the beauty of teaching and trying to improve ourselves. We should never take the information learned for granted and always ask the question why.
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