Disconnect From Social Media For 24 Hours

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The world is too quiet, the sound of the in my ears make me wake up from my dream. I open my eyes and look at the clock, just 8:00 am, why I wake up so early? I walk out from my room, only the sound of birds, and nothing. In this moment, I take my mobile out and trying to call my friend to ask where they gone. But there was not signal, also have the some problem on television and radio. “Sasasa….” The sound from the television, I turn off the television because the sound is too annoying, and start to pack up my things going out find my friends. I drop my phone away and take out the map, watch, flashlight, pens etc. in my bag. I step out of my house. On the empty street, empty houses, this quiet just like I go to another world, am I the only one left in here? I walking on the road because there were no cars, and try to take my phone out, but I forget something, the network had gone, how can use the phone to go to the Google map to find the fastest ways to go to my friends house, so I take out the maps and a pen, try to point where am I and where I need to go, use map for me is very difficult, because in the simple day, if I lost, I just need to click on my phone and it will be auto find out my location. First, I need to go around to find out what is the name of the street, and the number. Lucky, my friend house is not too far, I follow the map and walk about 30 mins, and I arrive. I was knocking on his door, and he opens the door very slowly, because he just wakes up. From his face, he should don't know the network disconnection was happen. After I told him about the happen, he laugh at me, because he know this will happen today, because that was an announcement show on the television, and I was working hard with a assignment yesterday, didn't have time to watch the television. In this time, much people were coming to my friend house. The house become lively, just like back to the 5 years ago, we are still study in the high school, everyone act like a kid, everywhere is laughing, is playing, is joking… That really happy than today life with technology, although technology can be make our life more easy and fast, but make us to lost ourselves.

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