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The Discipline of Communication and Human Interactions in Workplace Effective communication of workers with other workers and their employers plays a key role in the development of a company. Various sorts of interactions take place between workers in a workplace. Some of them may seem to be included in interruptions during work. In a research dealing with these interruptions, Conaill and Frohlich (1995), their results showed that "in most cases, (64%), the recipient and the initiator received some benefit from the conversation. However in just over 40% of interruptions the recipient did not resume the work they were doing prior to the interruption." They have discussed the parameter of time space in workplace and how a person does not own it as his workspace. They occur in an unplanned manner. But, as according to the above stated statics, they do not create that much problem continuing your work as before. According to their observation (Conaill 1995), on an average, 10 minutes of the recipient were expended for this, every hour. The research also showed the ways people use to ignore the interruptions, "In one case, the initiator was given a time limit in a joking fashion. In another, a request was made to the subject's secretary to hold calls." It explains that whenever a person encounters a face to face interaction, he bounds the other person by giving him a time limit, so that the subject may not take his time that is preserved for his work. In case of phone calls, he tries to avoid it through holding it. However, the research (Conaill 1995) depicts that these interactions are useful and they keep a person's mind involved in more than one activity and causes very little or no issue with his performance regarding his work... ... middle of paper ... ...heir behavior, history, habits etc. Judging from their gestures, tone, and through their intentional and unintentional acts and impressions, we get subtle cues about their nature. Contrary to it, if we go toward online social spaces, "the online world can be far more muted"(Fisher 2003). There are social groups established online with their shared history. One can even not state that the person he/she is talking is the same one whose name is there or any other person. The mood and tone cannot be judged. Instant messaging is the fastest way to get a reply but even it takes comparatively a longer time than if it was said face to face. Emails can be counted as slower media as the discussions going on there lasts weeks and months. This paper will discuss the human interaction in a workplace with respect to the discipline of communication, sociology and anthropology.
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