Discipline Investigation Of A Profession

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Dat Nguyen LLD 100 Final draft Discipline Investigation of a Profession Introduction According to the Discipline Investigation Assignment sheet, the purpose of the Discipline Investigation Assignment is for students to learn about the discourse community they would like to join. A discourse community is a group of people that is linked together either by blood, work, school, or personal interests and here a common goal. Discipline Investigation Assignment is very similar to a research paper. However, almost the source of information will come from the interview with a professional. All students should practice this kind of inquiry because it helps students to find out more about the career field that they choose. To identify the rules and patterns of my field, I interviewed a professional and used outside research. The audience for this assignment will be my instructor, classmates, and other faculty members on the l00A portfolio committee, and people who are interested in business filed, specifically accountant students. The discourse community I investigated is accountant. Accounting is often referred to as the language of business because it facilitates the communication of the financial position of a company in an easily comparable way that various users can understand. In simple terms, accounting involves setting up, maintaining, and reviewing the accounting records of a company in order to properly understand its financial position. I choose Accounting as my field because many reasons. First, the current accounting area lacks human resources. The economy are on the way of going up, and number of companies are getting more and more, so companies will need more accounting staff to help them control the revenue ... ... middle of paper ... ...f bookkeeping Conclusion The thing that surprised me the most during the interview was the communication skill is so important in accounting. At beginning, I think the communication skill is not important at all since this field is forces on calculating. However, it turn out that communication skill are very important to an accounts. My expectations of the job changed in some ways. I did not expect the company need more than one accountant in their company. After did some result, I can figure out some specific task that the accounts do, and have better understand about my field. The future skills that I will need to develop to prepare me for this career is communication skill and writing skills. I think it is important because it will build stronger resume. It also helps me to express my thought at any time, so that I don’t let information become useless.

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