Disaster Management: Ethical Dilemmas In The Disaster Scenarios

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Each disaster scenario is distinct in some sense from any other that has happened in the past. Some aspects of disasters may appear similar, which would compel the disaster management and response team to adopt a generalized approach. The disaster management cycle provides ethical dilemmas at each stage. These dilemmas may have some sense of association due to the similarity in disaster scenarios, although disasters are never identical. The management of disasters comes from learning and studying the trend of historical disasters and developing a predictive model that assists in the management and execution of management programs during a disaster. Introduction
Disaster management relies heavily relies on the ability to learn from
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First, there appears to be a general idea that violent extremism is practiced by a given faith or community (Geale, 2012). The Muslims are largely blamed for violent extremism mainly because of regular utterance of words like Allah Akbar that is associated with the Islam religion. Thus, an emergency manager may be strongly inclined to exhibit biasness in preparing the source of an attack from a given religion. In many countries, people practicing Islam have been unfairly treated as suspects in the name of preparing for attacks. The U.S. drone training program shown on YouTube show a strong inclination and bias towards Islam based on the dressing code of fictitious targets. Similarly, the preparation for mass casualty/ active shooter scenario is a moral and ethical dilemma for an emergency manager. The moral and ethical problem in the preparation phase is that the manager is predicting a disaster that involves the death of civilians and possible law enforcement personnel present in the drill, which is psychologically…show more content…
The emergency manager has to determine whether to give a shoot to kill order on a suspect or not. The I am unarmed don’t shoot wave is a good example of the ethical problem that comes with giving a shoot to kill order on a previously armed suspect that might have caused chaos in a given region. Similarly, the active shooter or mass casualty scenario is another dilemma during response since the decision to take the culprit alive is still the first legal requirement, but sometimes it becomes costly even to the law
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