Disadvantages Of Waste Management

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Chapter-1 Introduction
1.1 Brief Introduction
Residential building construction activities, whether it is new build, repair or maintenance, consumes a large amount of natural resources. This has a negative impact on the environment in the form depleting natural resources, increasing waste production and pollution. Previous research has identified the benefits of preventing or reducing material waste, mainly in terms of the limited available space for waste disposal, and escalating costs associated with landfills, waste management and disposal and their impact on a building company's profitability. Construction material waste can be defined as “any material, apart from earth materials, which need to be transported elsewhere from the construction site or used within the construction site itself for the purpose of landfilling, incineration, recycling, reusing or composting, other than the intended specific purpose of the project due to material damage,
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The contractors should ensure effective control ofmaterials from design to construction stage so as to adequately reduce processes that can lead to wastages in construction.
2. Contracting firms need to evolve better means and facilities in which building materials could be well-stored with pallets at the base or as may be applicable to prevent undue damage which may lead to damage.
3. There is need to ensure that when wet trades are used, sorting exercise is adequately carried out on site.
4. The use of prefabricated elements must be encouraged amongst contracting firms so as to reduce the amount of waste that may be generated.
5. The site worker should be enlightened about the environmental and health risks associated with waste generated from materials used during construction
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