Disadvantages Of Using Web Analytics

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Many of today’s companies manipulate data to provide their customers with proper services. These companies utilize data to tailor and promote their ads to satisfy customers’ needs. However, to fluently do so, these companies need to collect, store and process customers’ historical data. Netflix, for example, is a giant data manipulator that collects customers’ data to fluently promote their products. Netflix uses web analytics tools to collect customers’ browsing data and preferences. Without utilizing web analytics, Netflix will not be able to succeed. Web Analytics Web analytics is the process of collecting, manipulating, processing and analyzing website data (Burby et al, 2007). Thus, companies will be able to figure out how customers are…show more content…
From a business perspective, utilizing web analytics aids companies earning profits and increasing their return on investment (Matous, 2015). In spite of the importance of web analytics, it will not stand alone to help the company if…show more content…
There are well known metrics that companies usually apply on their website, such as page views, visits and unique visitors (Burby et al, 2007). The measure of page views means how many times the website page has been viewed, in other words how many times a web page has been uploaded by a web browser (Hubspot web analytics tools, 2016). The measure of visits means how many times a particular website has been visited (Burby et al, 2007). The measure of unique visitor means how many times an identified user visits the website in a given period of time (Burby et al, 2007). A lot of companies consider the measure of unique visitor is a key indicator that measures the effectiveness of a website. For example, an article published in advertising age newspaper states that the New York Times overcomes the Washington Post in the number of unique visitors based upon statistical data provided by ComScore (Barr, 2016). That being said, unique visitors only count in a given period of time, which means companies can monitor unique visitors of one day or one month. Thus, the number of unique visitors is a non-additive metrics (Burby et al, 2007). This fact leads a challenge for companies, which is deleting browser’s cookies cause a problem, because the browser will not be able to figure out that the
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