Disadvantages Of Urban Sprawl

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As residents in Indianapolis move their way out into the suburbs and surrounding counties they unknowingly are creating a phenomena known as urban sprawl. In short, urban sprawl is inefficient use of land. When looking for urban sprawl on a map, like pornography, you know it when you see it. Inefficient development of land farther and farther out from the epicenter of a city consumes agricultural land. The representatives of Conserving the Crossroads are writing to inform you, Congresswoman Brooks about this issue, which is paramount to this organization’s mission. In the state of Indiana prime farmland is diminishing. The United States Department of Agriculture defines prime farmland agreeing with Hall (2010) as “land best suited to food, forage, fiber, and oilseed crops” (pg. 1). Indiana has more than 56% of its farmland classified as prime farmland and all the counties in your district except Blackford having 90% of their farmland categorized as prime farmland (Hall, 2010). Conserving the Crossroads will provide you with three viable alternatives in combating and slowing urban sprawl to preserve this states farmland. The first alternative is a fresh new approach. The layouts of these new communities are all designed from the inside out with a main attraction in the center of the neighborhoods. The second option will be aimed at conservation easements. This is legal agreement a property owner makes to regulate the type and extent of development allowed on the property (Harrison & Richardson Jr., 2000). The third choice will target a potential development tax on infrastructure investment projects toward land developers. Conserving the Crossroads recommendation will be New Urbanism. This innovative approach provides sufficient ... ... middle of paper ... ... you will be creating will be founded on traditional community principles with amenities demanded by the residents (Custer, 2007). The majority of the residents in your district are affluent and educated. This will be the target consumer of New Urbanism. They will enjoy the pedestrian friendly designs. There will be many walkways and bike paths to and from the center of these beautifully crafted towns. Residents will benefit from having low levels of ground-ozone in their communities because walking and biking will be the new norm. You will be the reason a community of people is smiling when they have concerts, plays, and movie night on the lawn of their new town park. There will be playgrounds throughout these neighborhoods with slides, swings, basketball courts, and cook out grill stations. You know what sounds better than Congresswoman Brooks? Governor Brooks.
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