Disadvantages Of Transracial Mothering

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Transracial mothering has become a controversial topic, especially since the 21st century due to the rapid increase in interracial marriage. In cases of adoption and fostering, social work associations tend to prioritize black women instead of white women. This is generally because white women are typically considered to hold inadequate racial logic to raise black children. In this essay, I am going to discuss the differences between middle-class and working-class white transracial mothers in equipping their children with racial literacy. Racial literacy is acquired through a continuous evaluation of how bodies are racialized and assets are allocated across diverse occupational, institutional, familial, and local sites. Interracial intimacy…show more content…
First, residing in a middle-class white neighborhood provides security from racism, but it also generates a distorted worldview and false sense of reality. Avoiding a neighborhood that is poor bears an emotional and social price: their children hardly, if ever, encounter other black children and have effectively no opportunities to develop social relationships with other blacks. Early friendships are considered to be the basis for self-evaluation and social understanding, comparisons and competence. Therefore, early socialization with less financially entitled black peers who live in working-class districts are…show more content…
When children lack in sociological imagination, it can cause them to identify themselves more with their white peers and recognize their white parent as a positive role model. This creates a high possibility for children to embrace their European heritage, “white supremacy, British colonialism, and racism” (132). This can be seen in Justine Moonen’s daughter: “I’m not black, because if I say I’m black I’m disrespecting you” (133). Hence, it is important to train transracial children to position themselves among blacks rather than locating themselves as mixed. Working-class white transracial mothers, on the other hand, have far more advantages in attaining and providing racial literacy: a close network of friends, political alliances, and immersion in black surroundings. Not only mothers, but also their children are able to surround themselves with black role models and peers. Constant face-to-face interaction with public racial abuse allows the formation of a strong sense of reality and racial

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