Disadvantages Of Textbooks

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“Do you want your statement online or printed out?” asked Mr. Robinson, my banker. The bank is trying to go greener by replacing the paper receipts by sending our bills online. Technologies are increasing rapidly and this has changed our everyday life. We no longer send postcards, letters or greeting cards through the mail service. It has been replaced by one click that sends digital mail to the recipient in the nick of time. We are no longer prisoners of TV sets as we can watch whatever we want, whenever we want, however, we want. Smartphones and the Internet have replaced the traditional chat by the virtual chats. Smartphones, tablets, and eBooks have made it easier to carry books without breaking our back. My experiences of carrying a heavy bag every day for school and now college has convinced me that textbooks should be replaced by iPads or tablets. All throughout my high school, I had to carry a twenty-pound backpack that consisted of eight textbooks, eight notebooks every day to school. The pressure of home works and assignments are increased with the burden of heavy books. These heavy backpacks, in turn, causes back pain, shoulder pain etc... which can cause permanent damages and pain in the human body. I even used to have two copies of some textbooks, one to be kept at home…show more content…
Tablets or laptops which restrict its use to only study purposes can be given to students for their school. They are many companies which specially designs tablets for school students. The price of these resources is not going to be more than purchasing eight different textbooks for a year. It is important for every human to being to know how to read and write at least one language. Technological advancements should be able to help the illiterate to learn to read and write. In a way, the reason I can speak English coming from another country is because of the growing technological
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