Disadvantages Of Social Media Marketing

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Social media was considered as a temporary trend. Something that “the kids” were using that businesses could not profit from. As time passes by, they were proved wrong. There are over 3 billion internet users and over 2 billion of them are active on different social media sites. Popular social media platforms have turn into a marketing place for various products. Offering the business an important data about their customer’s needs and wants. According to Copp (2016), there are 10 benefits of social media for business. First one is that it gains valuable customer insights. Through daily active engagement and social listening, a business can be capable of collecting important customer data and use the information to make smarter business…show more content…
It is basically because the current and potential customers are already there. Boosting the sales of the business and gaining plenty of customers. Now according to the WebpageFX (2017), there are some advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing. The advantage of it is that social media has a large audiences that can attract potential customers. Another thing is that it is free to create an account. But, there are paid advertising options on most social media sites. It can be a great tool for reaching more users, but are by no means mandatory. It encourages sharing, which means that however wide the reach, the followers of the business can share with their followers, who then shares with their followers, giving it a wider reach with a very low cost. Increases brand loyalty. It means to say that social media is a two-way process that allows a business to build meaningful relationship with their clients, thus makes the clients confident to trust it. It also encourages them to choose your business’ products in the future. Lastly, it uncovers valuable insights. Gaining important information from social media about the customers on how can a business’ product improve, thus helping the business make smarter decisions. However, there are still some disadvantages of social as a way of marketing. One of them is the negative feedback. This means that satisfied…show more content…
First step is to ensure social goals solve challenges. Meaning to say goal setting is the pin of all marketing and business strategies. With a variety of social capabilities, it can be complicated to establish exactly what the objectives should be. A company should find out the challenges that a company will be facing and should have a solution for it. Second step is to extend efforts throughout the organization. Creating a fully integrated social media marketing campaign, a company needs to be engross and combine multiple departments, especially if the goals have a direct impact on them. Third step is to focus on networks that add value. Every network has its own advantages and disadvantages. A company should carefully pick and choose which networks they want to take advantage of. An example of this social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Fourth step is to create engaging content. Which means to say that the company’s content should get the consumers interest that lets them engage in your company’s brand. Fifth step is to identify business opportunities through social. Social media monitoring should be an essential part of the company’s social media marketing strategy. It ensures and gives you insights into the company’s competitors marketing plans. Sixth
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