Disadvantages Of Prostitution Essay

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In India , prostitution is not illegal per se but activities related to it such as owing or managing a brothel, soliciting in a public place, pimping , pandering etc are considered to be crimes. Prostitution is legal only if it is carried out privately. These above said activities play an integral part in prostitution itself and outlawing them indirectly makes prostitution illegal.
Legal Status
The Immoral Traffic (Suppression) Act,1956 also called as SITA deals with the laws with regard to the sex workers. It states that prostitutes cannot carry on their business publicly or in open and they are only allowed to pursue their trade in private. However, SITA was hardly used. Ordinarily charges were brought against the accused under different
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Legalising would bring about better working conditions and better wages for the sex workers by eliminating middle men such as pimps. By regulating the laws with regard to prostitution, it will by great deal help to reduce child trafficking and slowly curb it once for all. It will also help to keep a tab on the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV by providing safety guidelines. Sex workers can also be provided with rehabilitation centres and medical aid in case if required. Legalising prostitution will also protect the sex workers from persecution by police officials, pimps etc. Various studies also show that prostitution can reduce rape and sexual violence to a large extent. Government has given so many benefits to women which don’t extend to sex workers. Legalising prostitution will make it as a profession so these benefits will be extended to sex workers as well. This will further generate income as sex workers will be Liable to pay tax and it would also enable the government to channel money back into the profession, thus enabling it to protect the rights of sex workers