Disadvantages Of Procrastination

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“Procrastination is like a credit card; it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill,” (Parker). The avoidance of a completing a task that needs to be done is procrastination (“Merriam Webster”). Typically, this happens “last minute” before the deadline. This skill, which is learned in high school, becomes perfected in college. It then transfers to daily tasks as we enter the workforce. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the disadvantages to procrastinating. Even though it hits home for everyone, procrastination typically affects those who are associated with higher stress, depression, fatigue, and a lower life satisfaction (“Procrastination, Distress”). These lead to a lack of motivation, creating a stack of uncompleted tasks. In addition to the reasons listed above, goal setting can affect your procrastination. If you have too high of goals set, you are less likely to complete them.…show more content…
Procrastination can be harmful because it will promote negative thoughts (“Kaplan”). This can lead to stress and illness, which, in time, can start a chain reaction. For example, it you feel stressed, you may spend time ignoring tasks. This increases your stress leading to them being unfinished. Also, you could overwork yourself, and your work doesn’t live up to your expectations. Being productive matters. It provides a sense of accomplishment and adds to our well being. People who are productive know what tasks are a priority and which ones are insignificant. They manage their time in order to get tasks done in a timely matter. Even though they don’t necessarily enjoy their to-do lists, they do think positively about their stuff because it feels better in the long run. We all know that it feels better to be done with all of the tasks we need to do, so why doesn’t that motivate us more to be productive? If you struggle with procrastination here are some
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