Disadvantages Of Maintenance

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Types of maintenance:
1) Run to failure maintenance.
2) Preventive maintenance.
3) Remedial maintenance
4) Improvement maintenance
5) Predictive maintenance
6) Other types
Run to failure maintenance (RTF): machine or facility need a replace or repair action after its failure to get it back to its working condition. In run to failure maintenance the maintenance policy is to do maintenance only when equipment or machine failed. Run to failure maintenance can be thought as of the strategy that is designed to lower the maintenance cost. The cost for this type of maintenance is low as compared to other maintenance.
Example of run to failure maintenance is: a light bulb a light bulb is allow to run till its failure whenever it fails the new bulb
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• Straight forward: in other words easy to understand because the arrangements are effortless so it is easy to understand and implement.
• Erratic: as it requires replace or repair when it fails so it’s unpredictable that when machine parts/operators requires repair.
• Expensive: All expenses connected with this system should be considered when it is actualized. These expenses incorporate production expenses and breakdown costs, in addition both direct and indirect costs.
• Inventory cost: the maintenance need to keep the spare parts in inventory in order to repair the facility when it fails.
Preventative maintenance: it is plan maintenance aimed at prevention of breakdown and failure. Its aim is to prevent the breakdown. It designed to enhance the reliability of the equipment as by preventing it from failure.
It’s difficult to manage as compared to run to failure maintenance because it requires the planning schedule.
Preventative maintenance is further classified into following types:
1) Running maintenance
2) Routine
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It is further classified into three types:
1. Design out maintenance
2. Service maintenance
3. Shutdown improvement maintenance.
i. Design out maintenance: it is aimed at applying the improvement and modifications in an equipment in order to eliminate the failure cause. It is designed in such a way to eliminate the use of maintenance. ii. Engineering service: it is a type of maintenance concerned with rearranging, modifications of facilities. iii. Shutdown improvement maintenance: improve the maintenance activities while the production line is completely shut down.

Predictive maintenance: it is a type of maintenance which identify the problems in physical condition of the equipment in order to minimize the risk of failure and increase the reliability of equipment.
It is further classified into two types:
1) Condition based maintenance.
2) Statistical maintenance.

a) Condition based maintenance: Condition based maintenance (CBM) monitors the actual condition of the equipment and decides when maintenance required. This type of maintenance is performed when equipment cannot fully
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