Disadvantages Of Industrialized Food Production

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Industrialized food production is the production of large quantities of crops and livestock for domestic and foreign sale. More food is available throughout the world with greater variety and availability, and long shelf life makes food cheaper because of industrialized agriculture. However, industrialized agriculture has harmful effects on soil and human health. It uses large amounts of fossil fuels (natural gas and oil), water, and pesticide to produce food. Industrialized food production is vital because we should know how our food is produced. Also, it is our responsibility to keep the environment sustained because we are dependent on this planet. We can produce food more sustainably by using less high-input agriculture and more low-input…show more content…
Organic farming has many benefits, but it requires more labor. However, it opens up jobs to many people, and is beneficial to them. We can research on organic agriculture with human nutrition in mind, and educate ourselves of how organic agricultural systems work. The downsides to organic agriculture include; smaller yields on smaller areas of land compared to conventional agriculture and that most organically grown food costs 10-100% more than conventionally produced food, primarily because organic farming is more labor intensive. However, organic farming methods are better for the environment, which is also better for…show more content…
We should switch to more sustainable forms of food production to reduce harmful environmental impacts of industrialized food production systems. Balancing industrial and traditional agriculture can be safer way to produce food. Imagine not having your kids have same advantages as you did at you age. It can impact their life in a horrible way because of the decisions you made. You can eat less meat, choose sustainably produced food, use organic farming, and cut food waste. Expanding safer way to produce food can have many benefits, which, outweigh the harmful effects. In fact, our environment would be more sustainable than it was since the industrialization era began. Switching to one of the things listed can be a life changing benefit. Industrialized agriculture contaminates our food that is also globally exported. So, not only it affects more developed countries, but also less developed
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