Disadvantages Of Green Marketing

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Shreya Shah: EPGCGM-13-007


Marketing is a way with which companies create customer interests in services and products. It includes techniques of sales, business development and business communication. Marketing is one of the main features of the competitiveness & profitability of an organization. It is undoubtedly proven that the organizations that were led by traditional marketing philosophy have been more successful than others. However, in the current competitive business environment, things do not move as planned. Hence, today it is not sufficient to only have a well-framed and a well-designed concept of marketing to survive
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It means developing and promoting products and services that fulfill the customer needs with respect to quality, utility and price, without having negative effect on the environment. Negative effect on environment is with respect to the use of raw material, consumption of energy, etc. It is even about selling products and services based on the benefits it fetches to the environment. Such product may be environmentally friendly in itself, or may be produced or packed in an environmentally friendly manner. Green marketers use this technique to market and promote their products and services. Green marketers believe that consumers prefer a product which does not harm ecology over the lesser environmental friendly product, even by paying a premium for…show more content…
• Competitive advantage
Companies which are able to bring environmental innovation early, are able to enjoy competitive advantage.

• Better products
Green products have higher quality with respect to performance, safety, convenience, energy saving, etc.

• Rewards
With green products, organization and consumers are able to build healthy environment and improve the life by making world a better place to live.

• Sustained growth
Though the initial cost is high, green products helps companies to earn greater profits in long run achieving sustained growth.

• Competitive Advantage
By promoting themselves as green manufacturers early, companies can access even new markets and earn competitive advantage.

• Access to international Market
Green products have better recognition across the globe. Companies following this concept get the ISO certification and are even able to secure their position in international supply chain.

• Psychological Satisfaction
People involved in manufacturing green products get the sense of satisfaction for doing something towards the betterment / prevention of the
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