Disadvantages Of Globalization And Localization

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Introduction During the first part of this class, we talked about globalization and Localization. The different forces of the two. One is more powerful than the other because of the forces. Companies should consider national differences in order to be successful in their business. However, during the second half of this class, we learned about different international business strategies, what foreign markets to enter, & different entry modes. Each of the entry modes have advantages and disadvantages.
First force of globalization, would be advancement of technologies. For example, development in telecommunications and information technology. Second force, would be openness/liberalization, such as imposing tariffs on goods and service. Most government established the free trade which it increased the growth rate of the economy. Third, market opportunity which is knowing consumer tastes and preferences. Finally, collective goods and global governance is the last force in globalization. It is an important factor, because of the intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and non-governmental organization (NGOs) control some of rights in the business.

Localization One force, geographical differences, because distance matters when localizing. In addition, this concept of localization is localizing in a certain area or
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If a firm wants to go aboard and wants to expanding its products. It is beneficial to know about the other nation’s difference, such as consumer tastes and preferences. Furthermore, the nation’s cultural differences are different from others. Every nation is unique in its own way. In addition, adapting to another countries cultural and other differences, will help ones business. For example, Wal-Mart in Germany, was not successful because Wal-Mart took its American style to German. In addition to that, Germans are different from Americans, such as language, food, and

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