Disadvantages Of Globalisation Essay

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Nowadays , we are living in developing era. It is true that Its global world. Globalisation means. mostly economic event, the mixture of national economic structures, the fast increasing international economic, cultural and technological exchange (The Australian APEC Study a Centre, 2002). Globalisation has created advantages and disadvantages to develop and developing countries. Globalization helps to increases an International Trade, mainly creation of new trade treaty between the developing and developed countries. Globalization binds nations together, the letdown of one country has the possible to draw many others down (Tverberg,G., 2013). Developed as well as developing countries both can enjoy the benefits of…show more content…
Firstly, every countries has different culture and customs when people shift in other countries then the culture takes backseat because they adapt the culture of the dwelling place (Buzzle, 2014). It really not good for developing countries because when people migrate to another country then they have to adopt new culture and leave own old one. Secondly, globalisation raised the use of non-recycle goods which creates the pollution and global warming, because globalisation amplify the transportation and transportation increase water pollution, air pollution and sound pollution also and air pollution is a main cause of global warming which is too harmful for the environment. Thirdly, globalisation has given birth to cut-throat competition because many multi nation companies open their branches in developing countries which harm the local industries. For example small and local industries have limited production and sale, these industries have to spend large sum of money because of less technology and they can 't get good profit but multinational company 's provide best quality in reasonable prices so it is clear that multinational companies hurt the local and small companies. Finally, globalisation has increase more health issues and gives new warnings and challenges for…show more content…
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