Disadvantages Of Experimental Research Design

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Students will write an essay on any two of the research designs you studied during the year in this module. You will receive guidance for this assessment in lectures during the term. (1500 words)

Research allows for the undertaking of information-finding activities; establishing facts and reaching new conclusions. (Smith, M. 2010) It is important when conducting research to ensure to use the correct research design that will prove to be the most effective for the desired study being investigated. There are a number of different research designs; experimental, correlational, survey, observational, case study and ethnography.

Each research design has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending upon three conditions: the type of research
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Often results can be representative of the study at large and producing similar results each time the program is evaluated, causing it to have a higher internal validity. Due to having the control group, external influences that are not being measured are equally for both groups therefore leaving fewer assumptions being made. Experimental research design also tends to be easier to analyze in comparison to other research designs. The problem though with experimental research is that there can be political or ethical issues relating to withholding the treatment from the control group, depending on the type of treatment and whether or not it is beneficial to the group being treated. To avoid this, the researcher would have to come up with a plan to deliver the treatment to the control group once treatment is proven to be effective. Experimental research can also prove to be very costly and time-consuming making it difficult for some researchers to get the funding and time needed to ensure they can carry out an effective experiment for their research project. (P.A.N.D.A.)

In conclusion it is notable that both these research designs have their uses and disadvantages, and it is important to ensure you choose the correct design for the research question being asked, whether it be one of these or another research design that was not discussed. When conducting research it is also important to remember that quite often it can be more effect to use two design rather than one, as it can increase the validity of the research, but only if it is relevant for answering the research question being
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