Disadvantages Of Eating Vegetarian Diets

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Several restaurants have made some changes to respond for this phenomena. The National Restaurant Association informs that eighty percent of restaurants in the United States have table service which offer vegetarian main course in the present. Fast-food restaurants are starting to serve veggie burgers, vegetarian salads, and also other vegetarian options. Many students who studying college believe themselves are vegetarians. In connection with this, more and more foodservices of university provide vegetarian choices. There are also a development on vegetarian nutrition of professional interest. It is because the number of essays about vegetarianism in the scientific literature has increasing. In the late 1960s, there were only a few articles…show more content…
There are lots of study talking about vegetarian diets and discus both advantages and disadvantages of them. Nutrition consideration is one of the hot and controversial topics for vegetarian. In the following paragraphs, we will explore different nutrition of vegetarians and analyses which type of people are suitable for eating vegetarian diet. Nutrition considerations for vegetarians Vegetarian diets provide a lot of advantage since they can decrease levels of cholesterol, saturated fat, and animal protein. Simultaneously they can increase the amount of magnesium, fiber, carbohydrates, antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. However, some vegetarianism may affect the intakes for zinc, calcium, vitamin B-12 and vitamins D that are lower than recommended when they having vegetarian diets. • Protein According to Young, VR and Pellett, PL.(1994),the energy needs are satisfied when different kinds of plant food are consumed, when plant protein can meet requirements. Studies have shown that a wide variety of plant foods eaten in a one-day course can provide all the essential amino acids and ensure adequate nitrogen retention and use in healthy adults, so as to complement proteins do not need to be used up at the same
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