Disadvantages Of E-Cigs

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When I was a small child I remember crawling into my great grandmother’s lap and smelling the foul smell of stale cigarettes. I remember her lighting one up and saying “don’t ever start smoking, it’s a dirty habit.” A couple years passed, I watched her begin to fade, her health was decreasing and her ability to breathe was gone. She developed lung cancer at age seventy-six and passed away a few short months after her diagnosis. After she passed away I became extremely anti-smoking, although many of my friends smoked I stayed clear for the longest time. I decided that if it was going to be a priority that they smoke, they might as well be safe. I began to research safer alternatives for smokers. What I found in my research is something many…show more content…
Electronic cigarettes are healthier and provide the same sensation that many smokers look for. Instead of the toxic chemicals that cigarettes are composed of, electronic cigarettes are made up of a battery, and superheated cartridge that supplies the user with a dose of nicotine (Glynn). There are two types of E-Cigs, disposable and non-disposable. Non-disposable E-Cigs are usually much larger and do not look like a cigarette at all. These devices have a refillable tank and a settings menu. This menu allows the user to control the temperature and wattage at which the cartridge releases the water…show more content…
A study conducted at Boston University School of Public Health to determine whether E-Cigarettes were an effective alternative to cigarette smoking. This study found that 31 percent of the 222 individuals surveyed claimed that they had not smokes any tobacco since they purchased their vaporizer (Glynn). Due to these astonishing results, it can be concluded that E-Cigarettes are impacting the role of traditional smoking. As you can see, the goal of many E-Cigarettes companies is to stomp out cigarettes once and for all. With more people experimenting these devices, the amount of people purchasing modern cigarettes is decreasing. These “E” products are not only saving the lives of the consumers, they are also saving the lives of second-hand individuals as well. Although long term effects have not went through a complete round of testing, these vaporizers are already proving their worth as an effective and safe alternative for

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