Disadvantages Of Direct Democracy

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A direct democracy is a form in government where the people governed themselves instead of elected officials, the people choose the laws and the way they are run in their country, this is also called a pure democracy. The democracy that we use is a representative democracy. In this case the people vote for representatives in their branches to decide on the laws that are created.
Every state in America usually has three branches of government just as the nation has its own government. Executive branch of the state is for the governor and his cabinet who are elected by the people of that state. The governor creates legislation that becomes the laws in that state, these matters are voted on by the people to give to the governor. Legislation is
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The complex issues make it easy for one side of the argument taken over by the other. Promotional materials trying to encourage how people decide on how they would vote.
The advantage of an indirect democracy is the progress can be made quickly. It is easier to reach the people through smaller elections for the official they elect to represent them. It is order to find a population vote giving that their votes are all different in that population. Legislation would move very slow in a direct democracy. A direct democracy is for a lower population nation like America was back when it was founded. Now that the country is much bigger it is smarter for us to be in an indirect democracy because it covers a bigger nation.
There have been a number of times where the popular vote wasn’t the right vote, this is where civil right comes in the mind. If votes on the civil rights were popular vote we would not have some of the things that we have in America. In this case it is better to do with right for the people instead of what the people want. If this was the case, we would not have women’s right or this leads to my not been freed. There are a few things that are bigger then the people, and the representatives that the people vote for, know this. So sometimes they put the bigger issues over what the people
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