Disadvantages Of Cyberbullying

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Technology has drastically improved throughout the years and many of us in this generation are constantly using these gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad. We use these types of technological devices to talk to our friends and families. Many of these websites or apps include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. At times there are some benefits that include communicating with your friends and beloved family members, while there are always a numerous amount of disadvantages, one such disadvantages is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a topic that has been growing. More specifically, cyberbullying is when a person feels the need to “bully” a certain person online because they are insecure or they want to be “cool.” One example of cyberbullying…show more content…
Many of these cyberbullies have been bullied themselves too, maybe by their friends or by family members and they do the same to another person in order to feel good about themselves. Maybe an individual is friends with people who like to cyberbully other people online. That individual will then become one of them and start to follow that example. Another study in an article, “Why Do Some Kids Cyberbully Others?” by Michelle Kilpatrick Demaray shows that face to face bullies are more likely to become cyberbullies. In addition, this article states that when it comes to cyberbullying, the “cyber victim” often has trouble fleeing from the bully. It states that with bullying face to face, the victim can flee from the situation. With cyberbullying, the victim who is being harassed cannot escape the situation because the “cyberbully” can constantly harass that person behind the computer screen. The only solution the victim can do is “block” the bully from their social media profile. Furthermore, the article states that adolescents like to cyberbully because it is funny and it makes them “cool.” Maybe that person wants to impress their friends and show them that they are so “awesome.” An example of this, is if a person were to spread embarrassing rumors online about someone from their school. Sooner or later, those messages will catch on and the whole school will think those rumors are true. Obviously, this will hurt that particular person’s “reputation” and he or she will be excluded from society. As a result, the cyberbully will gain popularity among their classmates and be
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