Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Surgery

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What is the perfect body or ultimate self-image? What is the solution to my overall appearance? The feeling of looking good no matter what has destroyed many appearances over the years. Self-esteem is a becoming issue with teen young ladies today, "Society puts a substantial weight on looks, particularly on females ' looks. Also let 's be honest, given the decision, the vast majority would decide to be wonderful. This paper will explore the many different approaches of cosmetic surgery and its effects on people. Therefore leading to the significance of self-esteem to feel good about their self in any shape of form. Cosmetic surgery formally known as Plastic Surgery is “A procedure performed to improve the appearance of many parts of the body…show more content…
Each procedure comes with side effects that teens have to go through. For example some include swelling and bleeding. Patients may be at risk for severe reactions to anesthesia or may develop health problems such as hemorrhaging as a result of their surgery. For some patients the psychological impact is greater than the physical impact. “In fact some studies show that extensive cosmetic surgery may make psychologically issues worse” The most common question asked related to the mental impact is “What if I’m still not happy?” This question ponder many teenage minds because if what they been through. Surgeries are tough but after everything is over and done with, are teens really happy? Every procedure has its unstable tricks, including risks. When a physician performs any procedure on your body, you must know complications will adhere to you. The risks of surgery can cause fatal or deadly damage to your skin. While getting a procedure done, your physician has medicine to give you so that you won’t feel a thing. What they don’t tell you is the possible complications that can go wrong with the Anesthesia such as: Death, Brain damage, Heart attack, Stroke and Temporary dialysis. According to the U.S. Census Bureau based in 400,000 operations performed most physicians found that the mortality rate was 1 in

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