Disadvantages Of Code Switching

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Second language learners have been influenced by the used of code switching, interfering with the proper acquisition of the target language. Let’s start with what is code switching? Code switching is defined as the use of more than one language in a conversation. (Romaine, 1992:110). There are three types of code switching “tag-switching,” “inter-sentential switching,” and “intra-sentential switching. We will be examining the many reasons why people switch from one language to another and why code switching can be seen as harmful to some while beneficial to others when learning a second language.
First, according to researchers there are three types of code switching “tag-switching,” “inter-sentential switching,” and “intra-sentential switching.”
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Code switching can cause people to believe that the person learning the new language will not be able to communicate properly. According to Rose M. Fernandez “ Code switching, above all between English and Spanish, is interpreted as a linguistic deficit that reveals the lack of proficiency of the speaker in both languages. (52) Julianne E. Hammink also agrees with this theory and states, “ code switching is considered a low prestige form, incorrect, poor language, or a result of incomplete mastery of the two languages.” (Hammink 1) On the other hand, some see code switching as a useful way of communicating effectively. For example, a student who is bilingual might feel more comfortable and find it easier to get their point across by using code switching. According to Ana Huerta Macias “code switching is used to elaborate, emphasize, specify, and clarify for effective communication.” There are however effective and non- effective ways of code switching. One form of non-effective code switching is when a person is making a statement and they stop because of a language barrier. In this instance the person tries to explain what they are trying to say by using words they know but the other person does not know it. One form of effective code switching is when someone uses code switching to explain their point and is able to communicate effectively with
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